Sunset Meditation

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Hollywood Night

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Where I Come From

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I am an import, 100% Made in Bulgaria. During my last visit I  photographed my family:

“Nonstop Casting”

Nicole and Shiva

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Nicole and Shiva, living art. Thank you for playing!



January 1, 2009: Liz and Jabus

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Liz and Jabus, on the first day of the new year.

LYP ( How did you meet? 

Liz: We originally met and were close friends in high school. In the Fall-’08 we “met” again online through and Jabus, who was living outside of Dallas at the time, talked about coming to LA for a vacation, and from there we made plans to visit. After re-meeting him, I was smitten.

Jabus: We actually re-connected in the SPRING of 08 (February) via Myspace. I came out to visit her in April and we fell right back into place after a few minutes, even after being estranged for over 16 years. While I could list a page full of things I find interesting about Liz, in a few words, she makes me a better, happier more fulfilled person in all aspects of my life. Her energy, honesty, loyalty and love of life are inspiring to me and I try each day to be a better person because of her.

LYP: You are both active athletes. What are your routines like? Any competitions plans?

Liz: We both enjoy an active multisport lifestyle. This season we plan to train and race Wildflower triathon and Vineman 70.3 triathlon.

Jabus: We have only “trained” a few times together, but when we do, we usually combine typical triathlon training (run, bike, swim) with other workouts, such as Yoga or Crossfit. We complement each others natural training style. I tend to push Liz to be more intense in her workouts and Liz helps me with form and technique. Liz generally has a lot more experience and knowledge in triathlon specific training programs than I do, although I recently obtained a POSE running certification, so we are incorporating some of those methods and techniques into our training regime.

LYP: What are your plans for the nearest future? What are you creating together?

Liz: Jabus and I plan to wed on Maui on 090909. We are super excited to be planning this special event for ourselves, our friends and families! From there, who knows… Maybe Ironman!

Jabus: I will be moving out to LA in March, so our immediate plans are to prepare for that as well as our wedding in September. After that, next year we will probably add to our “family” and perhaps look to move into a house or larger condominium by the ocean. Effectively, Liz and I are looking to create a life of happiness, love and peace with each other.

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