Dreams of Flying

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Marisa’s Dream

Jones’ Dream

7th and Fig

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I have been working with Heidi Duckler of Collage Dance Theatre to document her work titled “A Material World,” Residency at 7+FIG Shopping Center & Art Space
Downtown Los Angeles.

Here are a few photographs, some from Material World, and some personal work.

Spirit Weaves. We Dance.

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This is my dance community at Michael and Anneli’s Spiritweaves class. Come sweat, laugh, dance, lose yourself, remember.

Note to the dancers: If you were a part of this photoshoot… THANK YOU! Please contact me at andre at thedancephotographer dot com and I’ll send you a link to the online gallery containing all the photos.

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Rachel is a part of my dance community. She is a  dancer, a visonary and very, very pregnant. This was an amazing maternity session. More photos to come!

Chris and Naomi

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Again, a reminder of a dance session I did this Saturday. More photograps of these two amazing dancers at www.thedancephotographer.com



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