Celebrate your life.

Time flies, our lives are faster than ever and when we look back, all we have is faded memories and the photos we took the time to take. These moments, captured, on your wall, in your wallet, on your desk, have a special way of reminding you what is truly precious.

Put a smile on your business (or your Facebook account).

A good business portrait is a valuable tool in communicating who you are with your customers. And, on social networking sites, this is what your friends and family see along every comment of yours.

Why hire me? Why do I do this?

I am in love with the human form and celebrate its beauty at every opportunity. I’ve taken portraits of couples, families, corporate executives, actors and performers, Yogi and dancers. During a photo session we focus on your natural beauty and charm. There will be very little posing, smiling and “trying hard” for the camera. The sessions are playful, fun, and always leading to the magic moment when your unguarded true self comes to the surface and you receive a photograph reflecting your essence.

Contact me

To schedule your session, go to www.loveyourportrait.com/schedule.

I am also reachable via phone at 310.439.8411 and email at andre@loveyourportrait.com

Looking forward to working with you,

Andre Andreev

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